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Tae Kwon Do is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean traditional martial arts, that teaches more than physical exercise and self-defense. It is a discipline that shows ways of enhancing our spirit through training our body and mind. Today, Tae Kwon Do has become a global sport that has gained an international reputation, and stands among the official games in the Olympics.

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Develop “A sound mind in a sound body (Mens Sana in Corpure Sana)” When kids learn Tae Kwon Do in early age, they will build balanced body muscles as well as gain confidence while they enjoying satisfaction of achievement.

(minimum recommended age: 5 years old)


Self Defense

First and foremost, the Tae Kwon Do practice is focused on teaching a highly effective form of self defense. You will be taught techniques that will neutralize the attacks of an enemy and to disable an opponent. Every exercise that we practice, from blocking drills and forms that ingrain the techniques into instinct, to sparring that teaches how to see attacks coming, to conditioning that prepares our bodies for self defense in mind,

Physical Fitness

Of course, such hard training requires and will develop a strong and athletic body. For many people, this byproduct of the art becomes a reason in itself for continuing practice. Physical activity includes aerobic (blocking drills and forms) as well as anaerobic activity (sparring), strength training (pushups),and stretching (kicking drills). Regular practice will help you develop your body, maintain your health, and give you more energy.

Mental Clarity

Whether it is doing one more push up than you thought you could do, controlling your body through a complicated form that required both strength and balance, or focusing your energy into a punch that will break a board, Tae Kwon Do training requires a firm control of mind over body. As the body becomes a physical manifestation of the mind, in attention, confusion, and lack of resolve will show themselves physically. Likewise, clarity of thought, focus, and confidence will show as clean, quick, crisp techniques. For many people, the strength of will power and clarity of thought can be developed while practicing Tae Kwon Do.


With Tae Kwon Do, we teach Self-Discipline. This discipline breeds confidence, and it helps children develop the tools required to stand up and do the right thing when necessary: facing drugs, or bullies, or challenges in their own lives.
For many people, the strength of will power and clarity of thought can be developed while practicing Tae Kwon Do


Confidence allows you to remain calm during difficult situations. By remaining calm, one can assess the situation more clearly and act appropriately.

By practicing Tae Kwon Do, you gain self confidence that can readily be applied to other areas of your life such as school work, your job, athletics or volunteer activities.

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